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Article Icon What a Gift!

by Troy 7. January 2016 15:06

For the last three years I've been making paper ornaments and selling them for $1.  Each dollar I gather sends a child to a 10-day Bible Club in India.  Of course we want them to know Jesus and His love for them (most have never heard the name Jesus) but the Bible Club teaches so much more!  Many children work in India and the conditions are unbelievably grim... one job they have is to gather dung (whatever kind does not really matter) to make fuel patties out of them to sell to street vendors for their cook stoves.  If a child has never been taught to wash their hands... they make the dung patty, sell it to the vendor and then go home and help prepare a family meal... all without washing their hands.  Many children in India have never seen a bar of soap!  It's a very daunting fact that India loses (to death) about 350,000 children under the age of 15 every 5 weeks.  I know... it's really hard to believe.  But it gives me great comfort to know that they children River sends to Bible Club (and I've had lots of help from people like you) learn how to live life better as they learn Who it is that gives them Life... and Life more abundant!  River sent 7022 chilren to Bible Club this Christmas 2015!  One day... you will be walking in Heaven and someone will come up to you... and say, "Thank you for sending me to Bible Club... that's why I'm here!"

Grace and Peace, troy