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Article Icon Can $1 Change Your Life?

by Troy 17. January 2013 12:28

It started as an idea... a way to get youth excited about helping someone out at Christmas time without costing them an arm and leg.  So i made some paper-board ornaments for $1 that kids could purchase to send a child to Bible Club in India.  As an added incentive I told the youth that I would match "dollar for dollar" anything they raised.  Those youth always come through with a little challenge... they raised a little over $250!  I told my Tuesady morning men's group, Men's Life, about the ornaments and they decided they would match as well!  So we had a little over $750 to put toward Children's Bible Club in India.  When I told my contact for Mission India about this little project he said, "Hey!  I got matching funds for that!"  It started as an idea... it has "ripple-effected" into nearly 1600 children going to Bible Club.  To learn more about all the Bible Club does in India... click HERE.

Can $1 change your life... think about it.

To all of you who support River of the Spirit - you had a helping hand in this!  We thank you with our whole hearts!

Grace and peace, Troy and Andy


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