River of the Spirit - Journal

Article Icon Getting over jet-lag!

by Troy 10. February 2012 09:46

We were very blessed to have encountered India... however, it's good to not have to keep your mouth shut while you shower, drink water from the tap and eat ice!!!  We will try to put up a folder that has India pics and vids in it for those that did not get a chance to follow the blog.

Thank you so much for following and praying for us!

Peace, troy and andy



Article Icon Andy Doesn't Play Fair

by Troy 2. February 2012 10:42

Just a fun video - but what is happening is really not that funny when you realize people really believe that this water will cleanse their sins. Andy made an impressionable comment... "They come to wash in the waters from the mountains of the Himalayas but know not the God Who made the Himalayas."



Article Icon Friends Forever

by Troy 2. February 2012 09:51

It is difficult to describe what I saw near the end of our trip... but let me try. A small creek that ran through a small community... dirty - yes... poverty - yes... laughter - Indeed! The literacy class that we send children and adults to is presented in this video. Notice there is no top to this structure - and 30 participants are in each class (cough cough). I'll explain a few other pictures at the bottom of the post.

#1 Walking through the neighborhood where the literacy class is held.
#2 A little boy I met in the neighborhood as he walked home from school.
#3 The 30 participants (hummm... remember they still are learning math) met us with great joy!
#4 Those on the opposite roof may be of a higher cast in the hindu culture... thus, they are not happy about lower cast learning to read and write.
#5 The children are our friends forever - we prayed for them and they followed us to our car.



Article Icon The Ganges River - Bury your dead

by Troy 1. February 2012 09:47

The Ganges River is an ancient and religious site that India uses to cleanse their sins or bury their dead... A ledger will be placed at the bottom of the pictures to explain the pictures.


#1 - India men come to wash their sins away in the river.

#2 - A sea of people on one side of the Ganges - and serenity on the other.

#3 - The large building for creamating the dead - no one uses it - they do it the old fashion way... beside the river.

#4 - A far away shot of a burning ritual.

#5 - The picture of a holy man will cost you.

#6 - The India bus picking up children for school

Peace, Troy and Andy