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Welcome to River of the Spirit! Feel free to explore our site and see what it has to offer. Our mission is to help churches and individuals build strong Christian relationships through their smaller communities whether they are small groups, Sunday school classes or home gatherings.

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Follow Us To India!!

 We're headed to India! We board the plane from Chicago to Delhi on Jan. 27th and will be keeping a blog open so you can virtually join us on the trip!  We will be seeing all three ministries that we support - which are- 1/ Church Planters, 2/ Childrens Bible School and 3/ Literacy classes.  For more informtion about River's ministry - see our "What's going on in India" on related posts below or in Journal Posts under December 2011.

River Journal

What a Gift!

Can $1 Change Your Life?

It started as an idea... a way to get youth excited about helping someone out at Christmas time without costing them an arm and leg.  So i made some paper-board ornaments for $1 that kids could purchase to send a child to Bible Club in India.  As an added incentive I told the youth that I would match "dollar for dollar" anything they raised.  Those youth always come through with a little challenge... they raised a little over $250!  I told my Tuesady morning men's group, Men's Life, about the ornaments and they decided they would match as well!  So we had a little over $750 to put toward Children's Bible Club in India.  When I told my contact for Mission India about this little project he said, "Hey!  I got matching funds for that!"  It started as an idea... it has "ripple-effected" into nearly 1600 children going to Bible Club.  To learn more about all the Bible Club does in India... click HERE.

Getting over jet-lag!

We were very blessed to have encountered India... however, it's good to not have to keep your mouth shut while you shower, drink water from the tap and eat ice!!!  We will try to put up a folder that has India pics and vids in it for those that did not get a chance to follow the blog.

Andy Doesn't Play Fair

Just a fun video - but what is happening is really not that funny when you realize people really believe that this water will cleanse their sins. Andy made an impressionable comment... "They come to wash in the waters from the mountains of the Himalayas but know not the God Who made the Himalayas."

Friends Forever

It is difficult to describe what I saw near the end of our trip... but let me try. A small creek that ran through a small community... dirty - yes... poverty - yes... laughter - Indeed! The literacy class that we send children and adults to is presented in this video. Notice there is no top to this structure - and 30 participants are in each class (cough cough). I'll explain a few other pictures at the bottom of the post.

The Ganges River - Bury your dead

The Ganges River is an ancient and religious site that India uses to cleanse their sins or bury their dead... A ledger will be placed at the bottom of the pictures to explain the pictures.

Crossing the Street in Varanasi - A dangerous proposition

Crossing the street in Varanasi is a dangerous task... whatever you do... don't stop!

Children's Bible Club

Children's Bible Club in Hyderabad!!

Day One - Dehli - preaching

It was an Honor!!

Day One - Dehli

We hit the ground running on Sunday morning with worship... we split up and went to different sites to participate in their services. It was the most humbling experience I have had.

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